To support its design and development drawing needs, Officina Meccanica Cagnone Mario has a Technical Office that works closely with the sales department to be able to respond promptly to requests for quote.

This department is equipped with a powerful 3D CAD / CAM workstation with modern software for 3D modelling, motion simulation, and 2D drawing software for presenting the developed projects.

With the help of 3D design systems, the company can develop machine processes using simulation techniques that allow our teams to create a digital prototype starting from the mathematical model alone. This means the company can develop a project starting from the CLIENT's idea, and develop it into a final product.

These systems also allow extensive workflow optimisations, because with fast and precise steps in software, our team can move from design to transferring the processing and production data for the finished component directly to the MACHINES, managing and controlling each step in detail.

Altare Design

Key applications used:

  • Autodesk® Inventor™
  • AutoCAD®
  • VISI-Modelling - Machining 3D
  • Import of IGES, STEP, DXF, DWG, IPT, IDW, IAM and other file formats.

The skill of the company's operators, and the use of CAD / CAM technologies, provide a strong synergy between the technical office and the workshop.

Thanks to the experience gained in the study of complex surface tool-paths, the company can now handle even the design and production of high quality DIES.

Meccanica Cagnone Mario also has a measuring room, kept at a constant temperature, where tests are carried out on the products, along with dimensional tests using best INSTRUMENTS for manual measurements and the computerised TESA 3D system for automated 3D measurements, which allows issuing of test certificates.

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